The Anime Alliance


The Anime Alliance is a live-action anime-style show seen on YouTube.



Character Bio:

Name: Monkey D. Marquis

Age: 24 (Time Skip 25)

Power: Devil Fruit User-Gum Gum Fruit

Anime: One Piece

Birthday: July 19

Description: Orphaned at young age, Marquis was taken in by Master S who was a close personal friend of the family. After awakening into his power at age 7, Master S trained him as his first apprentice for 14 years before finally becoming a guardian at age 21. Marquis dreams of one day becoming the “Ultimate Guardian”, a warrior strong enough to protect anyone and anything.

While not the sharpest tool in the shed, Marquis has amazing battle prowess and street smarts that allows him to be quite the wild card for anyone who comes into contact with him, be they friend or foe. That said he also shares his Master’s desire to protect those he loves no matter what the costs

Abilities: Marquis was gifted with the powers of the Gum Gum Fruit which allows him to contort and stretch his entire body in a variety of ways. He also fights with a cane, a symbol of his desire to help those who can’t help themselves, that he channels his haki into for devastating attacks. While adept at all three types of haki, (Conqueror’s, Armament, Observation) Marquis specializes in Observation Haki. A power that allows him to sense how powerful his foes are and observe quick glimpses of things to come before they happen.

Crimson Age: A year after the events of the Battle of Broken Souls, Marquis now leads the very same team that Justin once did, newly renamed “The Anime Alliance”. Joined by his comrades they work together to keep the world safe while overcoming the scars left from their great battle a year ago.



Character Bio:

Name: Saori

Age: 24 (Time Skip 25)

Power: Saiyan Inheritor-(Caulifla)

Anime: Dragon Ball Super

Birthday: July 13

Description: Saori is the niece of the famed Master S and Marquis’s childhood friend. Early on in her life, Saori’s mother abandoned her, leaving her father to care for her. Saori adored her father, who was also a guardian who fought hard every day to be the best role model he could be for his daughter. However, he sadly lost his life in battle when she was 12 years old.

Ever since then, her uncle, Master S acted as a kind of “surrogate father” to both her and Marquis. Saori didn’t awaken into her powers until she was 22, which isn’t typically normal given that most Inheritors awaken into their abilities usually between the ages of 7 and 13. Regardless, after discovering this she immediately went to her uncle for guidance and training. And soon became S’s 2nd pupil.

Before awakening into her powers however, Saori lived a normal life working as a nurse in the medical field During the Battle of Broken Souls, Saori rushed off to the battlefield to fight alongside her Uncle S and her treasured friend, Marquis. And after a hard-fought fight, they managed to stop Raven and save the world.

Crimson Age: After the battle, Master S was gravely injured to the point of having to retire from being a guardian and during the year that followed, Saori went off on a journey of her own to train abroad and find a healer that could restore Master S to his former glory.



Character Bio:

Name: Sir John Armstrong (Nickname: “The White Knight”)

Age: 33 (Time Skip 34)

Power: Alchemist (Alex Louis Armstrong)

Anime: Full Metal Alchemist

Birthday: December 25th

Description: John comes from a long line of powerful alchemists. He got his start as a guardian fighting in what many call now, “The Twilight War”. A battle in which Master S and the infamous Raven went head to head for the first time.

Years later, John became a mentor to newly graduated guardians. Which is how he came to meet both Justin and Christian. John mentored the both of them and trained them at the start of their careers.

Soon after Justin asked for John’s assistance in reviving the same team that founded both the Council and Inheritor Association, The Anime Alliance! It was Justin’s hope and dream that this new team would serve as a beacon of hope as they set their sights on defeating both the Abyss and Ragnarok. And with vigor in his chest, John agreed to go back to the field.

However, one day on an mission to get intel, John and co. were ambushed by Ragnarok and soon after Justin gave his life to save his team. It was then, after meeting Marquis, that the team banded together and defeated the leader of Ragnarok once and for all!

Abilities: John is a highly formidable hand-to-hand combatant and adept at using a variety of weapons. His favorite of which being his trusty buckler. Befitting his mighty physique, Sir John possesses tremendous strength and endurance bordering on superhuman and despite his size, he’s also deceptively fast and agile.

John also utilizes a style of combat alchemy that mixes alchemical skill with physical prowess in where he can transmutes objects mainly by turning the kinetic energy of his blows into the alchemical energy.

Crimson Age: John now spends his days looking after and supporting Marquis in his pursuit to become the Ultimate Guardian. Using his experience and optimism to keep him on the right path.


Character Bio:

Name: Christian (Hero Name: Deku)

Age: 23 (Time Skip 24)

Power: Quirk User-One For All

Anime: My Hero Acadamia

Birthday: March 20

Description: Christian’s older brother passed on his power to him after being badly injured during a mission. At the age of 22, after graduating from the Inheritor Association (the place where power users go in order to acquire their Guardian license) he was quickly recruited as an intern by the “White Knight” Sir John. Not long after did the two of them join Justin in his crusade to bring down both The Abyss and Ragnarok through a new task force created by The Council.

One day after going on a mission to gain intel from an informant of Justin’s named Hikaru. Christian, John, and Justin were ambushed and captured by Ragnarok. While Hikaru managed to not blow her cover, even after freeing both John and Justin, in an attempt to free Christian from his imprisonment, Justin was hit by a strange device that slowly sapped away at his life force. A process that only got worse the more Justin used his powers…

It was then after sacrificing himself for the cause that Christian alongside Marquis and co. were able to take down Raven, the leader of Ragnarok, and avenge Justin.

Abilities: Christian was gifted with a ability called One for All, a power that greatly amplifies his speed and power, giving him super human strength. Using his fingers he can flick out huge waves of air pressure at his foes and later on he manages to learn an ability called “Black Whip” (a technique where he can capture foes with raw energy).

Crimson Age: Christian now works alongside Marquis and co. as they continue their attempt to rid the world of Ragnarok’s influence and anyone else who would do them harm.



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