Character Bio

Name: Lady Eve (The First Ultimate Guardian)

Age: Unknown (aka She Won’t Tell Us)

Power: Magic User (Merlin)

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

Birthday: December 31st

Description: Before being flung into our time period, Eve was a bit of a recluse choosing only to reveal herself when people were under attack.

Because of this secrecy not much is known about Eve’s past, but in a time before guardians where Inheritors were still persecuted for having powers, she served as a mysterious hero that fought for the equality of all…

As her legend grew, two young warriors inspired by her work managed to track down her home and pleaded for her tutelage. These figures would later grow to be Master S and Master Raven respectively. And while reluctant at first, she could see a desire for change in both of the boy’s eyes. A desire that swayed her to raise them both as her apprentices…

Raven, however, had a more radical desire for change and as he grew, he dreamed of a world devoid of powerless humans where Inheritors would be free from persecution. And one day he used his power to create a magical attack powerful enough to nuke a city that had segregated itself from Inheritors. Eve rushed off to stop her apprentice using a powerful Time Spell to reverse the effects of Raven’s attack, however still new to that type of magic and faced with the force of Raven’s attack, as Raven’s attack began to disperse, the chain reaction flung Eve out her own time and into ours. Causing many to believe that Eve perished that day.

It was this act of bravery that would soon go on to unite Human and Inheritors and what led to many referring to Eve as The Ultimate Guardian.

Eve would then go on to join forces with her now much older and more powerful pupil, Master S. And together with his apprentices, they managed to defeat Raven once and for all…

Crimson Age: Eve now serves as a mentor to Marquis and the second in command for the team he now leads, The Anime Alliance!

Lady Eve
Lady Eve


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