Character Bio:

Name: Ria

Age: 24

Abilities: Fights with anti-Inheritor tech and weaponry

Birthday: December 10

Description: Rian had a very troubled childhood, at the age of 8, her parents were robbed and killed by a group of Inheritors. During which her sister, Charity, awakened into her own abilities, defending both herself and Rian from their attackers before they could harm them.

Years later, the two of them would join The Abyss (A criminal organization designed to call hits and get justice for the people the system forgets) and track down their parent’s attackers before exacting their revenge in cold blood.

After the Battle of Broken Souls, The Abyss leader, Bryan Fury suddenly disappears, leaving the organization in disarray. And Rian and Charity disband from the group having already accomplished their goal in the first place.

That said…Rian still has a deep distain for all Inheritors and views their powers as a sickness that needs to be purged from the earth completely. And she vows to do just that in hopes of ridding both her sister and the world of their superhuman abilities.



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