Character Bio

Name: Monkey D. Marquis

Age: 24 (Time Skip 25)

Power: Devil Fruit User-Gum Gum Fruit

Anime: One Piece

Birthday: July 19

Description: Orphaned at young age, Marquis was taken in by Master S who was a close personal friend of the family. After awakening into his power at age 7, Master S trained him as his first apprentice for 14 years before finally becoming a guardian at age 21. Marquis dreams of one day becoming the “Ultimate Guardian”, a warrior strong enough to protect anyone and anything.

While not the sharpest tool in the shed, Marquis has amazing battle prowess and street smarts that allows him to be quite the wild card for anyone who comes into contact with him, be they friend or foe. That said he also shares his Master’s desire to protect those he loves no matter what the costs

Abilities: Marquis was gifted with the powers of the Gum Gum Fruit which allows him to contort and stretch his entire body in a variety of ways. He also fights with a cane, a symbol of his desire to help those who can’t help themselves, that he channels his haki into for devastating attacks. While adept at all three types of haki, (Conqueror’s, Armament, Observation) Marquis specializes in Observation Haki. A power that allows him to sense how powerful his foes are and observe quick glimpses of things to come before they happen.

Crimson Age: A year after the events of the Battle of Broken Souls, Marquis now leads the very same team that Justin once did, newly renamed “The Anime Alliance”. Joined by his comrades they work together to keep the world safe while overcoming the scars left from their great battle a year ago.



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