Character Bio

Name: Charity (Code Name: Lady Luck)

Age: 22

Power: Nen User - Emitter

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Birthday: February 23rd

Description: Charity awakened into her powers at a young age after both Charity and her family were suddenly attacked by a group of thugs. After watching her parents be murdered in front of her, in a burst of rage she suddenly created an electric field in the surrounding area in a last-ditch effort to protect her older sister, Rian and force the thugs to retreat.

Years pass and Charity alongside her sister join the criminal organization known as The Abyss and track down their parent's killers. And using the power she inherited and trained for that very moment...the two of them exact their revenge in the most brutal way possible.

After the Battle of Broken Souls, the leader of the Abyss, Bryan Fury...suddenly disappears and the whole organization disbands. But with their revenge now complete, Charity simply wishes to live out her life in peace with her sister, Rian. However, Rian views the powers Inheritors wield as a disease that needs to be purged from the earth once and for all and vows to find a way to rid her sister of her powers one day as well. Little does Rian know though, that deep down after years of living with them, Charity actually likes being an Inheritor.

But out of love for her sister and a desire for her approval, she swallows these feelings and works alongside her to complete this new crusade of hers...

Abilities: Charity is able to manipulate different elements (fire, ice, lightning, earth etc.) through a special ability she calls "Quick Draw". Basically, this allows her to imbue ordinary playing cards with her Nen and based on her draw, decides what new ability she has access to. Turning her into a deadly game of Russian Roulette you definitely don't wanna mess with!



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