Character Bio:

Name: Zach Winfield (Nickname: Raven)

Age: 45 (Deceased)

Power: Lightning Dragon Slayer Mage (Laxus)

Anime: Fairy Tail

Birthday: May 22nd

Description: Raven had a tremendously rough time growing up. After awakening his abilities and becoming an Inheritor, he was forcefully thrown out of his home by his family and treated like a monster. Months later, after surviving on his own on the streets, he would soon meet a young boy named S, who would sneak food to him from time to time in exchange for his friendship. As a fellow Inheritor, S found a safe place in his new found friend Raven and together the two of them vowed to become stronger and save the world from the hateful era they found themselves in.

Years later after training under the famed Lady Eve, Raven finally found his solution for the problem at hand…the eradication of all non-powered humans. For Raven, Inheritors represented the natural progression for all of humankind and the only way to enact real change was to destroy all that would seek to harm that growth. 

This would soon lead him to war with his master, Lady Eve and his best friend, S. However, it was after his first defeat at S’s hand that he chose to hide in the shadows for the next decade, slowly grooming a new generation of Inheritors to carry on his will in direct defiance of S’s new age of heroes. 

As the time of the Battle of Broken Souls grew near, Raven abandoned his broken mortal body and transferred the last of his power as well as his spirit into his most loyal student, Kazuma Using Kazuma’s Saiyan body combined with Raven’s magic, he became a Dual Inheritor and in turn posed a grave threat to S and his team. However, thanks to Lady Eve’s magic and Marquis’s Conqueror’s Haki, combined with the efforts of every warrior there…Raven finally met his demise…


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