Character Bio:

Name: Saori

Age: 24 (Time Skip 25)

Power: Saiyan Inheritor-(Caulifla)

Anime: Dragon Ball Super

Birthday: July 13

Description: Saori is the niece of the famed Master S and Marquis’s childhood friend. Early on in her life, Saori’s mother abandoned her, leaving her father to care for her. Saori adored her father, who was also a guardian who fought hard every day to be the best role model he could be for his daughter. However, he sadly lost his life in battle when she was 12 years old.

Ever since then, her uncle, Master S acted as a kind of “surrogate father” to both her and Marquis. Saori didn’t awaken into her powers until she was 22, which isn’t typically normal given that most Inheritors awaken into their abilities usually between the ages of 7 and 13. Regardless, after discovering this she immediately went to her uncle for guidance and training. And soon became S’s 2nd pupil.

Before awakening into her powers, however, Saori lived a normal life working as a nurse in the medical field. During the Battle of Broken Souls, Saori rushed off to the battlefield to fight alongside her Uncle S and her treasured friend, Marquis. And after a hard-fought fight, they managed to stop Raven and save the world.

Crimson Age: After the battle, Master S was gravely injured to the point of having to retire from being a guardian and during the year that followed, Saori went off on a journey of her own to train abroad and find a healer that could restore Master S to his former glory.



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