Character Bio

Name: Master S

Age: 45 (Time Skip: 46)

Power: Saiyan Inheritor (Son Goku)

Anime: Dragon Ball

Birthday: February 26th

Description: S grew up in a time where the term "Inheritors" had yet to be invented yet. During this period, there were still many who viewed these new super powered individuals as a menace to society and civil war was imminent.

Unsatisfied with the status quo and determined to change this, S (Age 15) ran away from home alongside his best friend, Raven, to hone their strange new abilities and save the world. After hearing of a beautiful sorceress who was acting as a hero for those in need, the two boys decided to track her down and beg for her tutelage. And after doing so, they would soon improve their skills under her wing.

Five years later, however, Raven decided to take a very radical approach at saving the world, by destroying all who would condemn powered people in one fell swoop. After eliminating his former master, Eve, S and Raven (Age 20) went on to then build their forces before having their final battle 13 years later, in a battle known now as The War of Twilight. A true clash of ideologies. One man desperately trying to unite the world and another trying to desperately divide it...

Upon Raven's defeat...after brutally injuring Raven to the point of crippling him, S unknown to anyone decided to spare Raven's life and force him to watch as he changed this world for the better in a more peaceful fashion. S would then go on to do many great things over the next 12 years including founding the Inheritor Association and a special council of individuals in charge of handling Inheritor affairs. He would also go on to raise both Marquis and Saori as his own, all while becoming what many see today as the Ultimate Guardian of his era.

Crimson Age: After the events of the Battle of Broken Souls, while S managed to survive the was still at a terrible cost.

Master S


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